Dorico adds I and II after instrument names...

I have two string sections, one only legato and the other group only pizz. It’s setup this way because of recording sessions. However, Dorico adds a “I” after all the instrument labels in group 1 and a “II” in group 2. How can I avoid this?

I am planning to insert a vertical text label graphic to show which group is the legato string group and which the pizz. string group.

Easiest way is to add an invisible space in Edit Names, so the names are different. Then Dorico won’t number them.

Thanks, Dan, that worked.

Or put them in separate groups.

That’s funny. I just hit the same problem and came up with the same answer. You can also reduce the width of that space to a minimum.

That said, this is a bit of a kludge/faff. There’s a radio selection to remove the transposition in the name. It’s likely a low priority, but a similar selection to remove the 1, 2, etc would be preferable.

True, but you could always start the name with a space rather than put it after. This would be less noticeable as it would be hidden in the margins rather than altering the spacing right next to the brackets.

TBH, this is probably slightly easier, and technically speaking, less of a workaround.

Which, in this context, seems to make the most sense anyway as the strings are operating as two separate groups.