Dorico adds unwanted rests

Dorico adds the green rests in the attached example. If I delete them with „remove rests“ and then I edit something in another Flow they will come back after a short time. Meanwhile I deleted them more than 20 times.
Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-15 um 23.05.12.png

Where are the other notes and/or rests in the green voice? There must be some, otherwise those rests would not continually reappear.

From what I can tell, it appears that everything in green is an extra voice (duh) that was created when you tried creating the first triplet. You entered it into the green voice, then deleted it and decided to instead put the notes in the left hand in purple and use the cross-stave option for those three notes, without deleting the original green voice. If you put those notes back down on the bass stave, delete the green voice, and then put the cross-staff notes back you should be fine. You can tell that the voice is complete because of the floating triplet bracket in the middle of the staves applying to the first three green rests.

I think the critical thing is to delete the triplet bracket that belongs with the green rests.

Then they will probably merge into a single whole-bar rest, which won’t be displayed.

I don’t think changing the cross-staff notes in other voices will make any difference.

In this Flow there are no other green notes or rests. In the Flow before well, but this voice ends with the last bar of the Flow.

I cannot remember exactly what I did, but I don’t believe that I had a green voice in this Flow.

I think I found an easy way to reproduce it. Daniel, I will try it tomorrow again and then I will send the project to you. I’m sure that it is a bug.