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I made a song (midi) on my Yamaha keyboard PSR-S710. But Dorico se free reports after I import my midi file into the Steinberg Hub, that not all players (virtual instruments of my song) can be entered.
Do I need to upgrade pro Dorico so that all voices (virtual instruments of my song) can be recorded in the Steinberg Hub?
Thanks in advance.
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Here are some English links to those menu options -

  • Importing flows (“flows” are separate spans of music in Dorico)
  • Import MusicXML (which is a universal* system of transferring music notation data between different notation softwares etc - *it’s not always 100% reliable)
  • Import Tempo Track (which is importing a MIDI file from which you only want to use the time signature/tempo information, not the note data)

Dorico SE is limited to 2 players, Dorico Elements is limited to 12, and Dorico Pro allows unlimited players. If your MIDI file would be imported with more than 2 players and you have Dorico SE, it will be limited.

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Vriendelijk dank voor het snelle antwoord.
Het importeren van stromen (“stromen” zijn afzonderlijke overspanningen van muziek in Dorico)
Dus dit betekent als je deze optie gebruikt, je de overspanningen van jouw song kunt zien die je hebt geïmporteerd in de steinberg hub van Dorico se free.
Dorico SE is beperkt tot 2 spelers, Dorico Elements is beperkt tot 12 en Dorico Pro staat onbeperkte spelers toe. Als uw MIDI-bestand met meer dan 2 spelers wordt geïmporteerd en u Dorico SE hebt, is het beperkt.
Dorico Elements is beperkt tot 12 players of spelers, maar dan weet je nog niet of welke voices(virtuele instrumneten of samples) er worden meegeleverd.Mijn song is opgenomen met zowel piano,(warm) drums, strings symphonic, bas, en nog andere voices.
Kun je de 12 spelers in Dorio Elements zien voordat je dit muziekprogramma aankoopt?
Dank bij voorbaat.

The number of allowed players varies between Dorico SE, Elements and Pro but in each case, it is you who chooses what particular instruments the various players use . However, although the variety of instruments allowed is not limited in this way, there are some differences in which virtual instrument sounds are included with the different versions of Dorico.

To Mike 999,
Thank you very much for your answer.
However, although the variety of instruments allowed is not limited in this way, there are some differences in which virtual instrument sounds are included with the different versions of Dorico.
In other words, the more you pay, the more original and real the virtual instruments or samples sound.
The quality of the sound reproductions of the samples that are offered become better the more money is counted down for them. That’s understandable. I haven’t tried Halion se 3 in Steinberg Cubase Elements yet, so I don’t know if the strings in it sound is good quality. But I do think that the samples that come with Steinberg Cubese 10.5 or 11 show the original sound of violins much better. Or am I wrong?

I am unfamiliar with the virtual instruments included with Cubase but Halion Sonic SE is common to all versions of Dorico. Dorico Elements contains one or more sounds not included in Dorico SE, including Olympus Choir Micro. Dorico Pro includes both that and Halion Symphonic Orchestra. You can download trial versions of Dorico Elements or Dorico Pro if you are interested to try out the included instruments.

Also, many Dorico users find NotePerformer to be a great, reasonable cost ($129 US) way of getting decent playback of traditional instruments. NotePerformer is particularly easy to use and includes readymade expression maps and playback template that reflects the dynamics and articulations you write in Dorico. A search of this forum will reveal several examples of what NotePerformer sounds like in orchestral works entered into Dorico. Alternatively, Dorico can also make use of other virtual instruments from different companies.

Best of luck - I hope this addresses your questions.

Hello Mike 999,

Thank you very much for the extensive explanation of the different possibilities that can be purchased.

The sound quality of the virtual piano sounds are good on my Yamaha keyboard PSR-S 710. The strings also have a subdivision such as Symphonic, Allegro, Orchestra etc. I have no experience with the violin sounds in the virtual violins of Halion Sonic SE. I will follow up on your suggestion and try out the trial tools.

I will also visit the NotePerformer website.

I am very grateful for your help and experience.

Best regards.


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