Dorico and Apple Time Machine

Soon I will upgrading to a new M1 Mac Mini from an iMac (2017). My plan is to use Apple Time Machine to transfer data, applications etc. onto the new Mac Mini. Will Dorico work ok transferring to a new machine this way? I want make it as seamless as possible. How will it affect the serial number and license since it is already installed on the older iMac? Any advice or problems anyone ran into doing this would be a help.

Dorico is very likely to need reactivating, given various core components of the new computer will be identified by the elicenser as different from the core components in the old computer.

Before you retire the old machine, log into MySteinberg and ensure that your Dorico license is registered there.
When you set up the new machine you’ll need to login to MySteinberg and use the Reactivate button, which will issue a new activation code. Dorico won’t actually stop working on the old machine, but it won’t be possible to install Dorico updates to that computer.

Thanks, I just found the reactivation page at Steinberg so hopefully I won’t mess it up!

Sorry to bump up this topic again but I wanted to document that after moving to a new M1 Mac Mini from an iMac using time machine I didn’t have to do anything, Dorico runs (fast) under Rosetta and I didn’t have to reactivate or reinstall. I am able to create new projects and open older files.

I am guessing that on the next Dorico update I will have to go through reactivation probably, eLicenser runs fine also.

I will be re-installing the OS on the older iMac, wiping the hard drive so I won’t have two copies of Dorico.