Dorico and autohotkey [solved]

I use a special ergonomic keyboard layout for the German language ( This layout works with several additional modifier keys that allow me to access six different layers on the keyboard. One extremely useful feature is that I can press a combination of Modifier+Key for keys like Enter, the arrow keys, delete etc. so I mostly don’t have to move my hands out of the writing position at all. Also the numpad is sort of cloned on the main keyboard in the same way. On Windows the whole thing is realized with a rather complex autohotkey script. This works perfectly with all other applications that I use, except, sadly, for Dorico.

In Dorico the basic keyboard layout works normally. I can also access the additional layers with their respective modifier keys. The weird thing is that I can even use a few of the Modifier+key combinations for the special keys like Enter etc., but in addition to doing what they’re supposed to do, they also enter the letter/symbol that’s bound to the ‘key’ part of the Modifier-key combination. For example when I’m in the dynamics pop-over and want to close it I press Alt-Gr+P which is the combination for Enter. As expected the pop-over is closed, but before it’s closed, the letter P is added to the dynamic. Some of the special key combinations don’t work at all.

Being able to use the advantages of the neo keyboard layout and the advantages of Dorico’s note input at the same time would be awesome. Is there anything I can do to make this work? I’d appreciate any help!

Maybe the script is working too fast. I have had similar problems of timing on my machine when using AHK with both Finale and Dorico.
What happens if you comment out SendMode Input?

Or if that doesn’t work, try

SetKeyDelay, 750

or some other number.

Thank you very much, LAE! I’ll try this. I’ll have to find a way to decompile the scripts first.

For the record: the latest Windows update messed up the partly driver based implementation of neo that I was using. I was forced to switch to the other available implementation that uses autohotkey only. When I finished grumbling I noticed that neo happens to work perfectly with Dorico now. :slight_smile: