Dorico and chord symbols

If I wrote a theme, then entered some form of bass accompaniment, can Dorico suggest which chords would fit these two lines of notes ? I assume that there could be a number of chords suggested, and C in one line and E in another could elicit a CEG chord, an ACE chord or others - how does this work in Dorico, or am I assuming that perhaps ‘Dorico knows best’ in the context of where these two notes (C and E) are in the bars of the music ?

Hi Bill, there’s a feature in Dorico that generates chord symbols based on the pitches within your current selection.

Here’s a video with more information:

(Edit: I thought this sounded familiar – it was also suggested in another thread of yours the other day :slight_smile: )

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Thank you - I found a Tips Tuesday video which seemed to explain the process but there was no sound. Fortunately, there was a text section which also explained it, so I could have found some info without asking.

That’s right, Tips Tuesday videos are short snippets that never have sound, they’re only visual, but the longer form videos generally have Ant’s lovely voice-over narration.