Dorico and Dorico for iPad AI Virtual Instrument Player

Hello Dorico team,
I hope you are doing marvelously well! :slight_smile:
Well, probably this request should be addressed to the guys who work on Halion, GrooveAgent, BackBone and the Sample Libraries at Steinberg?!
Would be really nice if Dorico for Desktop and iPad has it’s own AI VI Player, similar to the one in Staffpad, where we could use libraries from Steinberg, Orchestral Tools, Spitfire Audio, CineSamples etc… Probably Iconica must be upgraded and many new articulation and effects to be sampled. Most of the libraries already have smaller sized format of the samples for Staffpad, if the format isn’t proprietary only for this app, then it can be used in another sample player.
I suppose some collaboration with Arne from NotePerformer will be possible, too?!

Worth to think about such AI VI Player. :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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