Dorico and Halion 7 as default plugin

Hi everyone
I’ll try to explain my problem.
I usually use doric 5 under w11 and default noteperformer vst.
Now for a new project I have to start with default Halion7 vst. But this vst does not appear.
What can I do? In the past under Doric 4 this problem

Best regards

Dear Christian,
Thanks for the information but maybe I think I explained badly.
I have no problems changing the various VSTs but when you open the page in edit/preferences and select playback, on this page you cannot select Halion 7 by default.
See image I uploaded before
Thank you

Hi @Vincenzo_Capelli , please choose in Dorico from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

Dear Ulf,

Here you are the zip file request



Dorico (969 KB)

Thanks for the data.
I can see that you have HALion 7 and HALion Sonic 7 installed as well as all the recommended sound contents, but still, the factory playback templates don’t turn up in your case. Unfortunately I don’t know how or why that does not happen, so I need to page my dear colleague @dspreadbury

I believe the problem is that Olympus Choir Micro isn’t installed, or is at least not properly installed. Can you please try reinstalling it from SDA?

I delete and reinstall Olympus Choir but the situation has been the same


Sorry to hear that, Vincenzo. Could you please make a new set of diagnostics and attach it here so I can take a look and see if the problem appears the same?

Here you are the Dorico Diagnostic.

Today I encountered another problem: Atom feed fatal error on line2, column 12: Expected …


Dorico (878 KB)

Thanks for the updated diagnostics. The issue you describe with the read-out on the splash screen about the Atom feed is a red herring: that simply means that Dorico was unable to read the feed from that it uses for the Latest News pane in the Learn page of the Hub. What is probably going on there is actually some kind of problem with the audio engine initialisation, though hopefully if this was a one-off you won’t run into it again.

You’re still missing one of the critical preset files for the HALion Sonic factory content. Please download this file, unzip it, and then double-click it, which will open Steinberg Library Manager and register the content: (1.6 MB)

I hope that after you’ve done this, you’ll see all of the factory playback templates appear in Dorico.

I try to install the file sent me but the results is the screenshot attached.

After I use Dorico but it doesn’t allow me to use Halion7 as default choose as the past


PS I send you the new dorico diagnostic


Dorico (983 KB)