Dorico and Kontakt. How to change articulations?


I’ve been searching for a solution on using Kontakt or other external vst with dorico. Make they sound is really easy but I can get yet how to change articulations.
For example, If I have a violin instrument in Dorico, is it any way to make the pizzicato or staccato sound using a library in Kontakt? I’m using Orchestral tools Berlin family and it have “Multi Articulations” Instruments and also “Single Articulations” Instruments, so if there is a way to make this, I guess I can play with that.

Thanks! :smiley:

Basically, all articulation switching is controlled by Expression Maps which are specific to each library and instrument (and/or maybe instrument families). (search Endpoint setup in help…)

So you first have to decide which Berlin patches you will be using, then make a note of what Midi signals (typically Key Switches or CC data) control which articulation, and then sit down and make your own Expression maps. It’s not rocket science, but can be somewhat labour intensive. There’s a sticky thread on this forum called Expression Maps, maybe you can pick up some useful info there… As far as I know there are no commercial Expression Maps available for Dorico and the Berlin series…