Dorico and large monitors

My employers ended up buying me the new knockoff version (innocn) of the lg dualup. I have to say, I rather like the aspect ratio. Plenty of room to center the music, but still have panes open around the sides. Can have a full letter page nicely centered. Some weird scaling things on Mac (what else is new) but it’s a nice experience over all. I quite like the aspect ratio.

Which innocn model may I ask? They make a very large range, and I can’t find it.

Erm, @Romanos James, are you sure we should see your list of contacts and a screenful of private messages?..

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Oh gosh. What a blunder. Thank you.

I’ll update the photo to something more appropriate… sigh.


What is the meaning of “sacred” just out of interest?

Something set apart, consecrated, or reserved just for religious use.

In the context of why that was open: I wanted to correctly reference the definition to explain why we would be singing Gregorian chant, and I was mentioning that it was authentically sacred music (ie-set apart just for worship) and that this contrast with secular music was a positive aspect in its favor.

Fortunately, we’re an integrous bunch of folks😉

The Plainsong looks great. Is it in Dorico or maybe Medieval for Finale. I have always held off buying that 'cause wasn’t sure if it could do coloured notation on screen or not. Thanks.

Just noting you don’t necessarily need a vertical monitor… If you have the space and a suitable graphics card, a 4K TV is a good option (and cheaper!). This is a 50" TV, so about 25" tall

Yes, but a 4K screen at 50" gives you pixels that are 0.8 points in size! (88 ppi).

You need 4K at 27" to get any kind of detail, particularly on these kinds of lines and shapes.

TVs are designed to be viewed from across a room, whereas monitors are viewed much closer, and that’s why they usually have higher pixel densities. (and thus higher prices!)

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I don’t have a problem with a 4K 42" monitor, so this may be a personal preference.

@driscollmusick : sorry to get off topic but I was just wondering… are you orchestrating the piano piece lying horizontally? If so, what is it? I’m afraid I didn’t recognise it.

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Yes, maybe impractical for an engraver, but I am not one! Rarely would I be tweaking things with that much precision. Having the extra real estate for orchestral scores is my priority

Ha, the piano piece is just a random page in the Grieg Lyric Pieces (this one is op. 68, #3 “At Your Feet”). I did orchestrate a set of these a while ago (but not this specific one)

I think that Dorico does modern stemless plainchant reallllly well. Here’s the worship aid I made for Lent this year.•+2+sided+CATHEDRAL+ed.+•+Red+interlinears+•+FINAL+2.pdf


James, do you do the side-by-side notes as double unison? I’ve found that easiest. Select a note, Shift-I, 1,

Yes. It makes things soooooo much easier. Triples work too.

How do you get thecinitial decorated letters e.g. the K in Kyrie. Can these be pulled in in coloured form - many thanks. Are they imported as a graphic or from another font? Agreed the stemless notes look great in Dorico. Thanks for sharing.

I’d be interested to hear what James uses, but there are lots of these sorts of typefaces available. Gothic > Initials fonts |