Dorico and MacOS 10.13 "High Sierra"

I’m getting ready to install the now-available public beta of MacOS High Sierra. I’ll report issues here, and encourage any others crazy enough to follow me into the abyss to do the same.

I installed it about an hour ago. It works well so far. The only issue you will have is you are going to lose access to the forum. I got around this by installing a copy of Windows 10 in Virtual Box so I can run Edge.

One of our beta testers had trouble with MIDI input on High Sierra beta, not getting anything in or out, but that was the only report so far. Since that guy couldn’t resolve it, he decided to roll back.

I installed it to my MacMini and had no issue so far with Dorico or any other Steinberg product.

Oof. Installation was a complete failure on my 2015 MacBook Pro. I guess I’ll be waiting for the next build. Thanks to all who reported so far, and keep it up!

Hello there,

I’m willing to give it a spin under ‘High Sierra’ that’s installed on a partition.
How should I handle the eLicensing (I do have licensed Dorico on the prime partition) ?

Igor Borodin

I believe you’ll need to transfer your Dorico license onto a USB-eLicenser in order to be able to use it from two partitions, as basically two boot partitions are effectively two computers from the eLicenser point of view.

If you don’t want to do that, you should be able to get a 30-day trial activation code by downloading the Dorico 1.1 trial from our web site by entering your MySteinberg email address on this page.

Choppy/sluggish graphic MacOS High Sierra. Rest works so far

Not to start arguing, but just for anybody curious about that subject, I found no problems running Dorico under ‘High Sierra’. In fact, in respect to sluggishness, I’d say it runs even better, e.g. switching between currently open projects takes less time in ‘High Sierra’.
And while on that subject, the latest dev beta of High Sierra fixed the issue of accessing domain.
I’m on iMac 27’’ 2.8 GHz i7, 8 GB