Dorico and macOS Sierra ?

When i launch Doirco in macOS Sierra it tells me i have so many hours and minutes in my trial version and that’s it. The application fails to open.

What’s that all about ?

Now i have run Apple’s disk utility and also DiskWarrior 5.

Help/advice please.

Have you purchased a licence for Dorico?

I already have a usb-eLicenser for all my other Steinberg software.

Why can’t Dorico sign into that usb-elicenser as a trial and then fully activated if i purchase the software ?


Why did you feel you had to run DiskWarrior, please?

Some USB e-Licensers have an “All Steinberg Product” trial license. If that has expired, then I’m afraid your e-Licenser won’t provide access to Dorico without having purchased a license.

We plan to provide a 30-day trial towards the end of November.

Some USB e-Licensers have an “All Steinberg Product” trial license.

I do believe i have an all steinberg product USB e-licenser. Over the years i have downloaded trial versions, tried them and either purchased them or not. I still have a few trial versions that have many hours left and they still run as a trial. Plus that USB e-licenser i have allows me to run the Steinberg software i have paid and activated accordingly.

Since i was downloading a trial version of Dorico i assumed my USB e-licensor would allow it fully launch and run in trial mode.

Since you plan to issue a trial of a trial version hopefully in November I will wait .

Perhaps by then some of the bugs as reported at the Dorico forum will be fixed.

FWIW my license worked first time without a hitch.

The first time did it take a long time to load ?

I can see my hard drive and Elicensor working away . Perhaps i am being too impatient.


No, not that I noticed. (I do have SSD). The one thing I did miss (probably my failing) was an option to enter my license before launching Dorico.

Of course the eLicenser process does have to check with Steinberg’s servers. That took well over a minute; maybe two?

Good luck!