Dorico and Noteperformer 4 : How Best To Implement Strings Divisi Using NPPE

After some further health issues I am trying to return to my initial foray into NPPE, in my case, the Synchron library. I want to be sure I set things up in the best way possible for the design of NPPE, especially with regard to divisi strings.

For each section using divisi:

NPPE host, one “instance” per section, set up an extra staff for each desk? Or one NPPE host staff to support all desks?

Dorico Player Setup, one section player with separate voices for each desk, or a separate section player for each desk? Or no need for separate voices?

Dorico NPPE mixer, a separate slot for each desk to connect with each separate voice or player?

I’ve searched the Noteperformer user guide for “divisi” and got no hits. I’ve found no detailed discussion on the web.

posted this also on VI Control

Noteperformer emulates divisi by using the full section patches and lowering volume. So just use 1 staff and write “div.” or use Dorico’s multi-staff divisi. It doesn’t matter, Noteperformer will detect the divisi and do its thing in both cases. If you use the first option don’t forget to enable Independent Playback for the staff. IP is AFAIR enabled automatically with option 2.


Thanks, Nickie, for your helpful comment…

My question is related to this, but approaching this issue from the opposite side: how to create small sections from soloists with NPPE?

With the native NP playback system, you can create an ensemble by using CC104. A value of 2 in a Violins section staff would make a small ensemble of two solo Violins.

What about with, for example, VSL SYzd SE’s Violins? If I add a CC104=2 event in a Solo Violin staff, does it make a two-Violins ensemble? In NPPE, should I only instantiate a single part, or should I create two parts (one for each of the Solo Violins making the ensemble)?


An update, after a few tests. It looks like CC104 is not doing anything, in the case I described.

I tried to create the two-Violin ensembles as solo and ensemble staves. In the first case, NP used the Solo Violin sound, in the second one it used the Section Violins.

The Solo Violin remained solo, and the Section Violins remained a full section. Apparently, NP needs its own internal system to build ensembles to make the CC104 control work.


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