Dorico and NotePerformer are not happily wed

After my computer crashed NotePerformer stopped working. I reloaded Dorico 4, deleted all NotePerformer files and reinstalled it. Set everything to work in Dorico and…nothing. What am I missing or doing incorrectly? I contacted Wallender but they have not gotten back to me.

Thanks for any wise advise.

Maybe we have to wait for another 4 months to welcome NotePerformer 4.

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You have not told us what operating system you are using.
Attaching a Diagnostic Report to your message would also be a great start to diagnosing your situation.

Derrek is right. If you still can open Dorico, please do from the menu Help >Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Thank you!

Dorico (457 KB)

Thanks for the data, @wlarsen .

Your problem is that NotePerformer is blacklisted with you for reasons we still have to find out.
Please follow the instructions from this posting.

Windows 11
Dorico (1.7 MB)
The issue is that there is a file in the ProgramFiles / common files / VST2 folder named “NotePerformer64”. This contains a .dll file which, apparently, needs to be gone in order for NP to install correctly. No matter what I’ve tried, I cannot delete this file, hence NP will not load.

Please have a look at C:\Program Files (x86)\NotePerformer
Is there a file called Uninstall NotePerformer.exe with you?
If so, do a right click on it and then choose from the pop-up menu Run as administrator.
You will get prompted for your password and then the uninstaller should have enough privileges to remove that dll in the common area.
Once you have uninstalled NotePerformer try to reinstall it again with the latest version.

In the case that NotePerformer still does not work after reinstalling, please do the following:
Open a Command Prompt window (press the Win key and then type cmd and press the Enter/Return key)
Into that window copy and paste the following command:

“C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico4\VSTAudioEngine\Components\vst2xscanner.exe” -p “C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2\NotePerformer64.dll”

Please make sure you copy the whole line including all quotation marks.
After pasting into the Command Prompt window you have to press the Enter/Return key.

What is the output then? Please copy and paste here.
If there is no output, type following command:


A number shall appear, which one is it in your case?