Dorico and NotePerformer Orchestral percussion not mapping correctly

I have a problem using NotePerformer 4 and Dorico 5 (though I believe it was the same in previous versions of Dorico/NP).
The problem is that some percussion instruments do not map correctly even though I am using the note performer percussion map reset to defaults. This happens to me on multiple computers, reproduction rate 100%. For instance snare drum, timpani, agogo work, but congas, and jam blocks just sound like a snare drum with no snare (I believe there are more instruments with this problem). Does anybody know how to solve this? Below is the video of the problem.

Cheers and thanks!

I do not know if this is related to your problem, but I have a Kit setup with Snare, Side Drum, and Suspended Cymbal that I have been using for several songs. Suddenly today, when I was trying to add (the first notes) to the Side Drum and Cymbal, I was getting a pitched tone instead of the expected sound. The Snare had been working fine.

I found I had to add a new Side Drum and Cymbal to the Player and then import them into the kit to replace the previously existing Side Drum and Cymbal, but at the point NP4 gave me the sounds I needed. I have not experienced this when I used the percussion layout in previous songs.

Sometimes there are gremlins inside the computer. :man_shrugging:

Hi @Derrek ,

Unfortunately adding the instruments back does not help since these instruments never work. Do congas and jam blocks work for you in NP4? This happens to me across multiple computers and I have asked friends who also use Dorico and they have the same issue, so it seems to no be a gremlin this time.


I don’t have NotePerformer 4 on my computer here, but with NotePerformer 3, the Congas percussion kit (which contains the Quinto and Tumba instruments) is correctly mapped with the NP Orchestral Percussion percussion map, and plays back as congas.

However, so far as I can see, NotePerformer doesn’t include any jam blocks sounds (at least so far as the NP Orchestral Percussion map defines them), so it’s as expected that jam blocks won’t play back with the correct sound.

Thank you @dspreadbury ,

Unfortunately I don’t have version 3 installer any more, and Congas definitely don’t map correctly even in NP version 4.1. Can anybody using Noteperformer 4 check their congas? I will check all of the NP supported percussion on my end just for fun.
Also asking @Wallander if they have any ideas what could be causing this?


In the NP3 User Guide Arne provided MIDI numbers for drum set and Percussion sounds, at least in the Finale Section. One may be able to use these to construct Percussion Maps if the numbers remain the same in NP4.

Of course, if one is using NPPE’s to access outside sound sets, one would presumably have to look in their manuals to confirm which MIDI number to send for each percussion sound.

Congas works for me in NotePerformer 4 using the “Congas” two-staff instrument. We didn’t change the percussion map between NP3 and NP4.

For the single-staff congas, use “Tumba” and “Quinto.”

Are you not getting any sound at all? Please make sure the Endpoint Setup is correct. See my screenshot with the Expression Map and Percussion Map for the staff.

Thank you everybody,

I give up! I have checked one by one all the percussion from the list. It all works except the Conga Tumba which sounds like a snare drum with snares off. Endpoint is OK, percussion map is ok, and this happens on all of my three different computers. I’ll just use congas from HSSE.


I understand. If you have the patience, it may be worth going to Library > Percussion Maps > NP Orchestral Percussion, and verify that then conga is there. It’s the first entry (note value zero).

@Wallander I checked and it looks good, and that is why this is so unnerving. Can you please take a look at this link because maybe this is how its supposed to sound? I kind of think it shouldn’t be like this. Let me know if you have any other ideas I could try.


I’m happy to look, but the video is private.

If you want, you can PM me a link to an unlisted video.

My bad. It’s unlisted now. Can you please try again?


It sounds to me like you’re getting the conga sounds, as they’re intended to sound.

We don’t include jam blocks, but Dorico will pick a fallback sound.

Thank you so much! I am sorry for all the confusion. I feel much better now knowing that this is the intended sound.

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