Dorico and NotePerformer

After a brief audition I purchased Wallander NotePerformer 3. I know it is still in somewhat a beta state, but so long as I stay within what works my initial efforts sound better than Notion. Hopefully this will allow me to finally use Dorico instead of Notion. Even if it turns out it’s not yet functional enough for all my work, I’ll take what I can get now and hope that things move on an upward trajectory.

I have to say I am amazed by Note Performer - for my needs (I’m still mocking up largely in Logic for finished demos, but it’s nice to have a decent representation once I get to notation), it trumps any other option and does an incredible job (at least until I can do the mockups entirely in Dorico, which would be even better!) My only thoughts on it are that it would be great if Arne came out with a “Note Performer Jazz” version that was tailored specifically to those needs (especially since it’s such a huge market and so there’s definitely a need).

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We had a discussion about this on the Dorico FB-page the other day.

In Sibelius I’ve always been using the Garritan JABB library for my jazz-works. Sibelius and the Garritan sounds works really well together, almost plug-and-play. In Dorico though, if you want to use other sounds than HSSE it’s a bit tricky to get everything up and running.

A couple of weeks ago I bought NP3 for a large classical orchestration work and I was totally blown away by the sound and the ease of use. NO setup issues, just plug and play with an absolutely amazing result. (in classical Music…)

When it comes to Jazz-libraries there are not really any other affordable options besides JABB and for that reason I think it’d be a huge success to develop a “Jazz edition” of NP. I can, of course, just speak for myself, but I’m not very interested in spending my time on tweaking to get a good sound out of my computer.

I bought Dorico just a couple of hours after the release of version 1.0 and I’d do the same if Wallander would release a Jazz edition of NotePerformer.

When playing some jazz scores in Sibelius with NP, everything sounds good. It’s “just” the interpretation of the music that doesn’t sound so “jazzy”. (yes, I’ve tried the tenuto plugin…) But since the interpretation works so well in a classical context I can’t see that there should be such a huge step to adapt a jazz interpretation.

Please, Wallander, TAKE MY $$$$$$$!!! :ugeek: :smiley: :open_mouth:


YES PLEASE :smiley:

+1 for me as well. More than a year later, it seems like there is still no better alternative for jazz than DIY integration with Garritan Jazz and Big Band.