Dorico and Scarlett


I got 30 day to try Dorico.
I change the device output for my Scarlet2i2 to have a better sound.
But I got no sound…
What I did wrong?


Good first steps for solving audio problems can be found at:


I’ve been using the Scarlet2i2 for several years now. I did not have to do anything special to get it to work.

That said - and I’m not an expert in this stuff - I’m finding that in general the Scarlet does not have a very high output level to drive my speakers - I need to boost the outputs on the Dorico mixer to get a decent sound level. The headphone output is fine.

Hi, I found a solution.

I have to create this channel on my Mac in the “audio and midi device configuration” section.

I had two separate channel for my scarlett usb. I created a new “aggregate device” to regroup my 2 usb. Now it works !

Here’s the link :

You are all welcome :smiley: