Dorico and Steinberg Library Manager

I am posting this question because I haven’t seen a recent post about this topic. I recently upgraded and install Dorico 4 pro on my Mac Pro. I followed all the standard Steinberg procedures for downloading everything. As a result, I can see all the sound libraries and the dates they were installed. However, some of these were installed years ago (see dates, below) and so I am wondering if any of these are redundant or unnecessary. Is there documentation about this, or can someone explain this to me? Thanks!

My Steinberg Library Manager, contains:

HALion Sonic SE Artist - installed May 5 2022
HALion Sonic SE Basic - installed same as above
Olympus Choir Micro - installed May 6 2022
HALion Symphonic Orchestra - installed May 5 2022
Indian Drum Basics - installed June 27 2020
HALion Sonic Factory Content - installed april 15 2013
HALion Sonic SE Hybrid - installed Sept 6 2012
HALion Sonic SE Pro - installed Nov 23 2010 (!!!)

I suppose you not only have Dorico, but also Cubase or Nuendo, and therefore you are a Steinberg customer since 2010, because that is the installation date of the HALion Sonic SE Pro sound package.
Our installers do check the versions of already installed versions and leave things untouched if you have already the latest version. So yes, some of our sound content packages are already that old and did never get an update, only additional packages got added over time, that’s why you see the many different installation dates. Accordingly, that what you see is normal and expected. And none of the packages is redundant, just leave them as they are.