Dorico and Tabla sounds

Hi There!

I just bought Dorico Elements 3 to write tabla. I only manage to get to work with two sounds (ghe and ta). Is it because more sounds are only usable in the full version? As tabla are THE drums of India and a lot of other countries I would highly appreciate if this could be also usable with all sounds in the element version…

Other sounds besides the ghe and ta I somehow don’t manage to get:

Hope someone can throw some light on this topic,


I’m not an expert, but I think it depends on which sample library you are using. If you have the correct samples, you should be able to use custom Playing Techniques to make the different sounds.

There are no additional tabla sounds in Dorico Pro. Our friends at Soundiron have a tabla library available (info here), though it requires the full version of Kontakt to use it, rather than just the free Kontakt Player. I’ve asked them if I can get a look at the library to see whether it would be possible to produce an expression map for Dorico that would provide access to all of the standard table articulations. I’ll report back as and when I have more information.