Dorico and the Grand 3

Hallo, when I use “The Grand 3” in Dorico Pro 2, I wonder why I can not hear any of the (main) volume changes through Midi Automation (CC7) in Dorico Playback- in Cubase it works perfectly!
Or is there a chance for this problem in Dorico 3?
(and urgently: editable Midi event velocity !!)
Best regards

You’ll definitely be able to edit the velocity of individual notes in the next major version of Dorico.

However, I’m not sure why your CC7 changes might not be getting through. Are you drawing them into the controller lane directly, or are you using an expression map that’s set to use CC7 as the volume type?

Thanks for the good news !
I draw the automation directly - the same way I do it when using Halion, which works fine.
Even when I import the automation from cubase I can see the lane but it has any effect.
The standard Controler in The Grand is CC7 (it works in Cubase)

Can you attach a trivial project in which you’ve done this so that I can take a look and see what might be going wrong?

Hallo, here is a sensless project with the grand: I can’t hear any change of the volume.
Doric and the (312 KB)

I thought most piano sounds used velocity to control volume.

Of course - but for fine mixing you need a main control of volume.

The missing reaktion of the instrument when changes are made in the automation lane sometimes also take place with instruments of HSO. In Cubsase there is an effect to hear at once, but Dorico must first pass again a changing point to get it, so I’m missing the (Cubase-speed) when editing. But I’m full of hope …

Would CC11 work?

I’m sorry, but I can not change the volume controller in “The Grand 3” via “Midi Learn” because I “only” have the Kawai VPC1 stage piano without a switch and till now any other extern controller. The default controller is CC7.

I don’t have The Grand installed on my computer here but I certainly hear the effect of those CC7 changes on the default piano sound in HSSE. Can you confirm that you also do hear the effect of the CC7 changes when you use the default Yamaha S90 piano that is part of the HSSE factory content?

Yes - with HSSE I have no problems - like all other HSSE instruments Yamaha S90 work fine when I use CC7 changes. (tested in the same attached project)

I’ll try to get The Grand installed at some point soon to try this out for myself, but I’m afraid it’s unlikely to be immediately.

Hi Bertram,
to help out on this, I quickly installed The Grand with only Model CP80, but also with that I can reproduce the issue that you have, at least with the project that you attached here. However, if I create an own example, then it is doing fine with me, i.e. The Grand does clearly follow my drawn velocity automation curve. I’ve attached my project, how does that behave with you? (309 KB)

Hi Ulf,
thanks for your help. It’s strange: your project works here fine too. But any more when I load the CP80 again or another Model.
I,ll think about this in the evening.

Problem solved: After a reset by a new installation of “the Grand 3” CC7 is now set back to MainVolume and seems to stay that way and to work.

Thanks for Dorico 3!

I’m glad you got this resolved in the end!