Dorico and VEPro Decouple

Can someone explain to me how Dorico uses Decouple with VEPro? My understanding is that Decouple prevents VEPro from sending data to Dorico where it would be saved along with the project file. To test this, I turned Decouple off in my strings instance, disabled all the tracks, saved the instance, saved the VEPro project then went back to Dorico and saved the file.

I then reopened the Dorico file, reloaded my playback template and Dorico pushed data back towards VEPro. I then have the option to accept or discard this incoming data. Normally I would do nothing (equivalent of discarding) but out of curiosity I wanted to see the impact of the incoming data. Unexpectedly, some of the tracks were enabled. I would have thought that when I was in coupled mode and disabled all the tracks, then this would have been saved in Dorico.

Does Dorico behave the same way as a DAW when it comes to decoupling?

Dorico doesn’t “know” whether you are running VE Pro in decoupled mode, but it does of course affect what happens when you save your project, because if VE Pro is running decoupled, it won’t save its state into the Dorico project file, making it both smaller, quicker to save and load, and so on.

Thanks Daniel. Does the endpoint configuration, at the time of creation, save the status of the VEPro instance? This might explain why the Dorico project is always pushing the same channel status information towards VEPro when it is reopened or when my VEP playback template is invoked.

No, if VE Pro is running decoupled, Dorico doesn’t save anything at all about the state of VE Pro itself. You have to take responsibility for saving and loading the VE Pro configuration yourself.

I actually mostly prefer to run it coupled when actually working on a project. That way, Dorico and VE Pro are always in synch and if you leave VEPro open after closing down Dorico, the next time Dorico is reopened, the project loads virtually instantly, saving considerable time. For a final version of the project, it will of course make it more compact when decoupling from VEP.