Dorico and VEPro

I’m struggling a bit with Dorico and VEPro. There’s no issue assigning 16 instruments - one for each midi channel on VEPro plug-in Midi 1- but if I extend the VEPro instance on further to VEPro plug-in Midi 2, I can’t get Dorico linking up. I’ve tried changing the number of Midi ports and setting the Port as 2 but that doesn’t seem to work.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t have or use this software myself, but provided you’re using the VST3 version, you should find that you can access each subsequent bank of MIDI channels in VE Pro by incrementing the Port number for each track in Dorico.

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That works perfectly. I was using the VST2 version - it’s now on the blacklist!