DORICO and VSL Free instruments Possible?

I have downloaded all new free instruments from VSL, I have tested the sounds in DORICO, very interesting indeed, I have consulted with VSL about using them in DORICO, their advice: The free instruments are best on a DAW, these instruments use the same expression maps as VSL Special Edition.
So far in DORICO for me trying to write with these instruments loaded has been a catastrophe. Playing them on the keyboard works beautifully, no problem; but write the music and then playback and the sounds are totally messed up. Has anyone managed successfully to write music in DORICO using these instruments? If so, how? Please tell. Thanks.

I though most of the free instruments are ensembles which by nature are not ideally suitable for using in notation software as there you are writing for individual instruments. That’s the reason I have downloaded few of them. But if you say what the specific problems are, it might be possible to help further.

In what way? Really, it’s all down to what you can achieve with the expression Maps.

Send a project file with those messy sounds. Chances are that some of us will have those libraries installed and working, they will know where your problems are.

You are absolutely right, they are recordings of large groups and special effects, however one may compose and write for anything, even for nonmusical instruments like radios, or wild noises, so all is possible. The main problems are: A loud thump noise at the beginning of the first bar even when nothing is written on that first bar. Playback of sounds that do not correspond with the sounds loaded. A continuous loud note through the entire piece that does not stop. This happens only when playing back what is written on the score. When playing the keyboard the sound is perfect.
I really hope you can help. Thank you.

Please tell me how and I will. Thanks.

what you describe clearly shows you don’t have the correct Expression Maps loaded. For instance the continuous loud note means that this particular note should be covered by a keyswitch in the EM so it doesn’t sound. Or it’s just possible that you have the correct ones but they are full of errors. For VSL Special Edition I made my own maps but I wouldn’t expect them to work with the free instruments. Probably you’re best just posting a score and those who have actually downloaded the free instruments could then test what you’ve done (as @MarcLarcher suggested)


Vienna Free Instruments.dorico (579.8 KB)
Very simple, just a test, I wanted to post the WAV file from this so you could listen but not authorized.
Would be great to learn to make expression maps for DORICO, perhaps extremely complicated?

The Expression Maps, you are using, are totally wrong. No wonder it doesn’t work. The loud initial sounds are keyswitches, because of the wrong expression maps. You will need to create your own expression maps; the VSL SE ones won’t work with these instruments.

With Soft Ethereal Piano and Celestial Strings you should use Dorico’s Default Expression Map. I am not sure if there is an existing map, that covers Lost In Arctic. I doubt it, since some of the free instruments seem to map Marcato to D0, where VSL SE has Legato.

In you tube I’m looking at # Using Expression Maps in Dorico | Play Mode in Dorico, hope to learn something useful.

Try this now:
Vienna Free Instruments.dorico (581.0 KB)
I created an expression map for BBO VelXF sus (without Swells and Runs). You can use this as a starting point for further maps.

Wow! amazing, thanks, I put slurs in Lost in Artic and they work. Must learn to do that, I’m beginning to understand. Must program DORICO to trigger the key switches indicated on the virtual keyboard of the( in this case) Synchron Player.

Still a long wat to go, now the written notes sound good in play, but playing is messed up.

I haven’t messed around with their free instruments too much. Some of the percussion looks like they could be useful. I did play around with the Soft Imperial when it was first released, but after initially thinking it wasn’t too bad for free, I never really liked it with Dorico.

VSL Soft Imperial

VSL Bösendorfer 280VC

Both files are straight out of Dorico with nothing changed between them other than some level adjustment to equalize them a bit as the Soft Imperial is well, soft. The free piano sounds compressed and there’s a weird thing going on with the dynamic of a note suddenly changing while the pedal is being depressed. It is free though, so if you have a use for it, use it!

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I’m having a great time with this, your expression map makes all the difference, it now works very well. You write that I can use this as a staring point for further maps, wish I could, I’m trying, I suspect I should duplicate it and alter it for other BBO instruments? I’d like to add more instruments, I haven’t figures out how to assign the created maps to a particular instrument. I imagine one can only control the articulations that the given instruments player shows as key switches? Thanks again.

OK I found where to change expression maps, I just want to learn. Q. Why did you choose the “default” EP for the Celestial Strings and the “VSL BBO VelXF sus” EP for the BBO Glacier?

I chose the Default for those instruments, that only have one keyswitch. An expression map is meant to choose the appropriate keyswitches, but with only one keyswitch there is not much to choose between :grinning:

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