Dorico and Wikipedia

I’m always amazed how many colleagues have never heard of Dorico. Or they have completely wrong ideas about the program. Students are still buying Finale or Sibelius because their teachers told them that Finale or Sibelius are the best. Maybe we can change that a little bit, if we write good Wikipedia articles about Dorico. At this moment there are only 2 Wikipedia-articles (English and Japanese)! For comparison: Musescore: 25, Lilyond:23, Sibelius: 16, Finale: 13, Rosegarden: 12, NoteEdit: 6
Also additions would be useful in the articles about e.g. Steinberg, Sibelius, Scorewriter (in many languages).

I will write next week the Dutch article. Who writes it in German, French, Russian, Chinese, Albanian, Swahili, Bambara …?

My friends use frequently to find the best app they need. There are only 5 likes on Dorico.

Since Musescore is free, and has more votes than everything else combined, that probably says what those users’ priorities are.

But anyone who chooses Lilypond from that list because it has “audio editing” are going to get a surprise :slight_smile:

I thought I had posted about the need for greater information on the Wiki page before, but I can’t find it.
The English language entry is fairly basic: I added the release notes info for version 2. (Only for it to be deleted by some disgruntled editor because he didn’t like the way I’d done it.) :unamused: