Dorico apocalypse

I’ve had a nightmare dealing with my computer failing to start up and several OS re-installs. I was starting to come out on the other end of it when I opened up Dorico and saw it looking like this:

Going to have a nervous breakdown. Can someone tell me what is wrong and how I can fix it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Usually, a reboot of the computer will solve this problem.


Not this time unfortunately.
Funnily, it plays back properly what I have written but looks like gibberish.
Dorico also tries to load an instance of something called REVerence but fails because it cannot find LA Studio.wav.
I’ve just dealt with too much of my computer freaking out on me these past two days.
If someone could suggest anything else, I’d be grateful.

IIRC REVerence is the standard reverb plug-in for the Dorico Mixer. You might be best advised to reinstall Dorico from scratch, at least the latest version of the program. Perhaps reloading the HALion material would be unnecessary; you’d soon know if it were.

You see these types of boxes if the music font selected in Dorico is missing from the computer for some reason (not installed). If you reinstall Dorico it should reinstall the font.

Whew. I trashed old Dorico files and reinstalled. It opened up looking like it was supposed to but now it’s missing Note Performer3. That is, NP loads up with the file but is missing as a playback template choice, or as a default playback template. NP was working before the reinstall.
Should I uninstall and reinstall NP as well?

NP installs the template (and its expression maps) into the Dorico program directories, so presumably they got deleted somewhere along the way.

Just reinstall NP. You don’t need to uninstall it first.

Looks like I’m back to something normal. Thank you guys for your help.

Glad this was avoided:

“Thanks for watching.”

“Tune in next time when…”

Claude, I was more imagining this:

Well, I agree that would have been classier!

LOL :smiley: