Dorico App import .png file

I’m using Dorico app on my iPad, after 20 years of using Sibelius, I love it. I produce a lot of score for Guitar Techniques magazine and Produce Like A Pro, and so far the results have been great. I wondered tho, is it possible to import other file types into a Dorico project on the iPad, namely a .png file, or a jpeg.
Any info would really help.
Many thanks

Welcome to the forum @jamie_humphries !

On the iPad, I don’t think that’s possible – but if you’re interested in Dorico Pro on the desktop, you would have access to full frame editing, including drawing in graphics frames into which you can load all kinds of images.

Thanks for the reply… yes I think I shall have to get Dorico for the Mac. I love the pot abilities of having it on my iPad, it’s impressive how much you can do with the app version.

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