Dorico / Apple M1 compatibility?

I read a review of the new Apple Macbook Pro with the M1 chip and it seems to imply that some software (OBS, for instance) is incompatible with it. Have any of you upgraded and experienced any problems in Dorico?


They’ve only been out 10 minutes! :laughing:

The Steinberg team are still cautious in their assessment, though several people have reported that Dorico works fine.

Great - cheers – yes, I’m in the strange position of having to upgrade suddenly, and the refurbished intel mac stock is rather poor right now…

There’s certainly no reason not to get one if you need hardware now. Any problems now will be dealt with over the few months or so.

it’s more that someone in my family needs a new computer – which in our case means me getting a new one and handing over my previous one.
But if I can’t have access to Dorico and a few other programmes for a few months then that’s a non-starter.

That’s the most misleading review I’ve seen.
“The new M1 MacBook will not run native MacOS applications built in the past ten years.” He means “will not natively run”: he’s implying that it won’t work at all.

The website he links to shows OBS Studio as working under Rosetta2 emulation.

“I couldn’t install Acrobat XI” – you’ll be lucky if it works on Intel: it’s 8 years old, and hasn’t been supported by Adobe since 2017.

I would rather like to see whether M1 can bring benefits to Dorico UI responsiveness (even if it runs through Rosetta 2).

Daniel mentioned in his most recent interview with scoring notes that dorico does mostly function well apart from a few quirks that they are hammering out now. Listen to the podcast (just posted last week). He doesn’t go into detail but he does imply it works.

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I’ve not been doing any heavy Dorico work on my new MacBook Pro 13", but my impressions so far are that the forthcoming Dorico 3.5.12 update (which we expect to be available in early January) runs beautifully on the machine. A colleague has asked me to do some comparative performance testing, which I can only do informally, but I will try to do that and perhaps I’ll be able to post some results in due course.


Any news about Dorico 3.5.12?

Not so far, sorry to say.

We decided to push one further small fix into the build to fix a hang or crash experienced by a small number of users when connecting a MIDI input device to their computer when Dorico is already running. That build is currently with our beta testers, but provided there are no further issues discovered I expect us to make it available soon.