Dorico Articulation Woes

Working in a percussion instrument… I place some notes for snare… and add the necessary articulation. Then, when I come back, and add additional notes, in this case kick drum, the articulations previously added are removed (grrrr!) and while I’ve seen the suggestion to “Reset Appearance” and “Reset Position” to solve it, that just, well, it’s a lot of clicks.

Please, Dorico, don’t remove the articulations I’ve created.

Since I follow the practice of hand-struck instruments stems up and foot-activated instruments stems down, I have not come across this problem. If you are not obligated to stem everything together, this might be an option for you.

The problem is that without an accent attached to the kick, Dorico does not know what to do with the accent when it “condenses” the several kit instruments.

That’s traditionally how it’s done. A lot easier to read. How did we get into this single stemming thing anyway? Must be a computer era thing. That’s the way MIDI parts are spat out.

Ok… forget about feet for a moment… start with a snare pattern, add the accents, then come back and add ride pattern, you’ll have the same issue with LH/RH unisons.

When I just tried this on the Dorico Basic Drum Kit, accenting my snare notes and then adding and eighth-note kick below the accented snare, the accent persisted.


Don’t set the property for the accent to be above before you enter the lower note. It’s going to end up there, anyway, as soon as you add the lower note.

I know that this one’s come up before, but I can’t find the thread just now.

That’s not what I’m seeing…

Apologies, I’m so used to feet being on a separate voice with stems down. The point is, don’t fiddle with the articulation properties until after you’ve got the notes in. On those instances that are already messed up, you may be able to salvage those accents by temporarily switching percussion representation to single line instruments (Layout Options > Players > Percussion) or by switching to another layout that has said representation, then removing and adding the accents again in there, or you might need to delete and reinput the affected notes.

OH, I was actually wondering if it was possible to create a separate layout that I could toggle between for another reason… but hadn’t looked into it yet… you just unlocked that.

E.g., in case others come across this… I’ve now got my ‘normal’ layout as 5-line staff, and a second layout for which I added another tab, that has the single line instruments. So, now I can more easily go between to address different limitations I’m running into.