Dorico Artist

Should there be an Artist version of Dorico with more players/instruments

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not applicable/don’t care (I already have Pro)

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Thanks for the great promo on Dorico - looked at SE and upgraded to Elements in a flash and cancelled my Sibelius subscription!

Only disappointment is the number of players/instruments…are there any plans for an “artist” version which I have in cubase where you just increased the number of instruments for the artist version? 12 is not enough but I don’t need all the bells and whistles of the pro version (yet!)

Thanks in advance for your kind considerations

I suspect the regulars here mostly have Pro, so you might not get a good sample size for your poll. And options like that are usually the demesne of marketing, but maybe Daniel has some input into that (but I think he’s more hooked into the R&D team - not sure).

There seem to be a steady trickle of questions here from people who started with SE and then found they need Pro for page formatting, if not for music formatting.

I guess the more staves were available in a new version, the bigger that trickle would become as people tried to do bigger projects.

There are some Dorico users who have minimal interest in producing music scores, but IMO that isn’t really Dorico’s target market sector.

I rarely need more than 6 instruments (almost never, in fact; typically I only need one or two) but having the pro version is an absolute must for me to have the full engraving suite. I’d wager there are relatively few people who truly need everything, but there are many who will have pro to get the right number of “musts”—wherever they are spread around the program. Sounds like the op’s must is more than 12, and thus they need to just buy pro.

I don’t need all the bells and whistles of Photoshop, but I would like Photoshop Elements to have CMYK Support.

There’s always something that the ‘junior’ versions are missing. If they were complete enough, no one would buy the full version.

Until one specifies how many additional players/instruments should be added, the poll is misleading and the positive vote inflated, since each participant who wanted more players would imagine that many players added.

From a purely selfish point-of-view (as I use Dorico Pro) I’d just as soon have the Dorico Team concentrate on spending their time perfecting a few versions rather than dividing their attention to more versions.