Dorico at launch seeks for waves folders SOLVED

As written in the title and since day 1, each time I launch Dorico, there is a window popping, asking me to locate the waves 9.1 folder (which I do not have) and the waves 9.2 folder (do not have neither). If I click on “cancel” the process goes on and I can use Dorico. The problem is that those windows can pop UNDER open windows like my browser — it happened to me to wait for the launch several seconds before I had the idea to hide apps, and then this “locate window” was available. Another problem is the behaviour of this “locate window”, that gives me a feeling of mac os 8.2…
Is there a file (I don’t need) in my libraries that I could get rid of, in order to avoid this (annoying) step ?

Thanks a lot for all the information we get here, and I feel extremely lucky to be in touch with such a great community and a top class development team :slight_smile:

You must have some old Waves plug-ins lurking somewhere on your system. Take a look in /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST and /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3 and remove any old Waves plug-ins you know you don’t want or need to use.

Thank you, Daniel !
I got rid of old stuff on my hard drive in the folder you told me and now Dorico launches perfectly with no old “locate window” popping around ! Wow, you are amazing :slight_smile:

Hi i have the same problem, but running C9 on a win 10 machine can you tell me which folders i have to check. My Daw keeps pointing for plugin folder waves???

I suggest you post your question in the Cubase forum, if you’ve not already done so. Few of us here in the Dorico team are experts in every aspect of Cubase, unfortunately.