Dorico at the Grammys 2024?

The Grammy noms just came out a couple of hours ago. Are there any Dorico users up for anything? I know there are a lot of talented performers/composers/arrangers around here. I obviously don’t know what most of the nominees are using, but Darcy James Argue and Emilio Solla (both category #32) are die-hard Finale guys. Billy Childs (#31) was still on Finale at least as of a couple of years ago. I’m not on anything nominated this time, but have a ton of friends up for awards. Just curious if any Dorico users were nominated. Congrats to all the nominees!

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Reinaldo Moya has one new piece on the 40@40 album by Laura Strickling. He is a devoted Dorico user.


I was sadly overlooked, again.


Just listened to his Las Palmeras off that album. Very cool piece with some interesting rhythmic and harmonic moments! I noticed his stuff is distributed through Subito Music. They used to be a big SCORE house, but I think are entirely on Sibelius now. (I did some SCORE work for them as part of a team in the late 90s.) I didn’t click on everything, but it didn’t look like any of his compositions had perusal pages. Are they accepting his Dorico submissions? Or do they reformat everything to their house style in Sib? Just curious what their process is now.

Yep, me too! I performed on one project that was submitted but we didn’t get the nom. (And we shouldn’t have either, after I saw who actually got the noms.) I’ve had a pretty good run lately though, enough that I got this text from my mom, LOL!

I’m recording something in January timed for a September release that hopefully will be nominated next year, especially if all the guest vocalists that are planned for the project actually show up.

Darcy is a good friend of mine so I’m biased, but his nominated recording Dynamic Maximum Tension is really fantastic if anyone is curious about the current state of large ensemble jazz writing.


I’ll tag him here @moyacomposer

He might not mind enlightening us.


I listened to Dymaxion. Sounds great. And I’m a big fan of Buckminster Fuller.

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Hi! Thanks for listening to my song. I do work with the folks at Subito, I use them mostly as distributors. I send them ready-to-print pdfs and they take care of printing, shipping, and keeping track of the rentals, etc. I do all of my engraving in Dorico myself (with the occasional help from Claude!), and just send them the finished pieces.


Congrats on the Grammy nom! Thanks for sharing the Subito workflow too. I have a friend whose work they will soon be carrying, but they are reformatting all his Sibelius stuff first to their standards. (His work needs it, LOL) Good to hear they’ll accept PDFs from Dorico.

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Did any Dorico users win tonight? While some friends lost out, it was fun to see Terence Blanchard’s opera Champion win, along with lots of friends in the Basie band. Really happy for Alex Brown and the Imani Winds folks for winning too. The duet recording of Miguel and Luis that won is also wonderful. I think Billy Childs is brilliant and completely deserves any accolades coming his way, so I was happy to see him win too (although I was rooting for a good friend of mine).

… and I was done following it by 6:30 or so Eastern Standard Time, LOL! Just curious if any Dorico users got any recognition tonight.

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Don’t know what Jessie Montgomery uses for notation but I got to see Awadagin Pratt perform Rounds last week and was glad to see it win best contemporary classical composition.


she uses Sibelius

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