Dorico Audio Extremely Quiet

I am using Dorico 3.5. I wanted to try out different reverb settings, so I went to the Mixer. Following the advice here, I clicked the Inserts button and scrolled over to the Reverb channel. I tried changing REVerence to RoomWorks SE before switching back to REVerence. Now my entire Dorico project is extremely quiet. Any idea what might be going on? If I can’t figure out, how do I reset my audio settings, or do I have to recreate the Dorico project from scratch?

Might be best to post the project, or at least a cutdown copy of it - speaking just for myself there are too many possible things that I’ve done at one time or another.

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Can’t say without seeing the project or at least screenshots, but there’s a gain architecture in any audio system and something you did more than likely snuck a low gain stage in there. Probably REVerence has something weird, IIRC there’s two gain stages, the wet/dry and the output gain (at least that’s how most of them work)

I figured it out! I was being dumb and had the output channel knob down far, but I never scrolled that far right so I didn’t know that was where the master channel was in Dorico. Thanks yall though!