dorico audio hangups

hi again,

I’m on a MAC running OSX 10.14.6 and Dorico…

Most of the time I work in Dorico in headphones, but occasionally I need to unplug the headphones – this often causes Dorico to crash.
Is there a reason for this? The only workaround seems to be to close Dorico before unplugging headphones and then restarting Dorico – but this is annoying and I forget to do it most of the time.

Is there a way to avoid this?

I wonder if this is an issue caused by Dorico (since I did set up a “Headphone Workaround” aggregate device for Dorico back in version 1), or by OSX Mojave (anyone experience similar items in Catalina?) or by my computer.

On occasion my computer does odd things - for example, if I’m watching a YouTube video on headphones and then unplug them, it may pause the video, or on occasion I may hear a sort of audio panic, where a bit of audio is repeated on loop until I plug the headphones back in, etc…

any experiences to help me here?

thank you!

In regards to the crashes, please choose from Dorico’s main menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’, which silently creates a zip file on your desktop. That zip file also contains crash dumps that we are most interested to look at. Please attach that zip file here. Thanks

is it anonymized? thanks!

No. If privacy is a big concern to you, then please send the zip to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. We guarantee to use the data only for debugging purpose.