Dorico audio process hangs now after i reseted plugin list in Windows 10 Pro

Dorico Pro 5 audio process hangs now after i reseted plugin list in Windows 10 Pro. what do ? i know killing one speffic task does not trick (what uses lot of cpu in this hang about 25% what is terrible lot when i compare it normal state we where used little monent about max 5% here in this boot stage) and i get problem even after reboot. i wanted rescan plugins becouse dorico lists some plugings two times. and if i select wrong one i get problems at least (not fully sure if one problem is this or not but seems it partly). is there anyway start dorico without audioengine then check audio settings if they are messed. Dorico Pro 4 finely still there is something wrong but not in parts what these two share.
i waited terribly long (to me with machine with ssd (not fastest one but still) 3-5 minutes is long when normally this phase in boot is max 10-15 seconds if i remember correctly but lot less anyway) now started fine what makes it start very slow?
Also think what is silk process what also is slow starting sometime?

You can’t start Dorico without the audio engine.
If even after a reboot of your computer Dorico hangs on waiting for the audio engine, then the audio engine is most likely stuck in the process of plug-in scanning.
If you open TaskManager and go through the list of processes, is there an item called VSTAudioEngine and VST3scanner or VSTscanner? If so then kill them off (as well as the VSTAudioEngine process) and then try again to launch Dorico. I’ve also sent you a private message, please check.

I looked private message forge quit them (also something else by steinberg and licencing what i also found is good stop as well i found if i dont i get also problems) and i say also here started work. now going check if i get rid duplicate plugins in list where i add them project not in settings view. no then any ideas when dorico lists some plugins two times what do?

You most likely have some plug-ins installed in both, VST2 and VST3 version. But if you have a plug-in in VST3 format, then you should solely use that and not the VST2 one.
In order to achieve that, go to the Dorico’s Preferences dialog, select the VST Plug-ins tab and scroll down a bit until you see the Allowed VST2 Plug-ins section.
On the left side (Allowed Plug-ins) highlight all plug-ins that are double and then below, next to the Block All button is a > icon. Click on that to move them all over to the Blocked Plug-ins list.

i moved only one problematic to blocked list without help to this not all yet becouse some plugins have only VST2 version and i can use then them in Dorico. and even there is no doubles in this list this makes thing even more odd i seen when i searched other case and i think mac side where is duplicates in this list and also list where these my duplicates shown here (list where i add plugins what i use). and i need both versions installed at least some plugins VST2 works better in my daw.

Yes, sure, blocking VST2 plug-ins is not mandatory, you can also leave them there if they don’t make trouble.

But as i sayed not solve this thing but after reboot now it not list it anymore. and i dont understand why not say even list this list where i can block plugins.and one what it list seems be correct one. This seems going be mystery.

Sorry, I did not understand what you wanted. Can you please rephrase ?

i meaned in this list where plugin is added my music showed duplicate (not anymore luckily correct one shows) but this blocking list in prefrences not show two versions. then all is well now going test more soon things what are not related this thread.

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