Dorico auto-moves the display when working at the edge of a page

I’ve been a casual Dorico user for over a year now and while I love it for the most part there’s one thing that’s been driving me crazy lately. I’ve found that when I’m working right at the edge of a page Dorico will sometimes automatically shift the display around drastically, then I have to spend a few seconds finding my place and readjusting the positioning of the score. I’m sure there’s good reasoning behind this action Dorico takes, but I just find it really annoying and it never seems to do it in an intuitive way.

I’ve been working on a project recently where I constantly seem to be working right at the transition point between two pages so this has been happening a lot to me today, hence this post.

Does anyone else share this frustration and is there any way to disable this feature?

Are you on a version prior to 3.5? I had the same issue in the past and the 3.5 update fixed this (this tiny, little, small, enormous issue).

We’ve worked hard in recent versions to try to fix these kinds of problems. If you are indeed on the latest update (version 3.5.10) and you’re still experiencing it, please provide me with the materials I need to reproduce the issue, and I’ll do my best to fix it.

To fix these kinds of problems, I need three things: the project file itself; a whole desktop screenshot of the state you’re in before you make the edit or navigation command that causes the screen to move; and a whole desktop screenshot of where you end up after that edit. Attach those materials, along with the details of what specifically you need to do to trigger the move, and I’ll be glad to look into it.

Thank you for the replies clehnert and dspreadbury! I have Dorico 2 which I guess explains it. I bought it a few months before the release of 3 I believe. Apart from this little nuisance I don’t really feel the need to upgrade at the moment, so I’ll probably wait until the next big update. As a former Sibelius user I will say Dorico is WAY better…so I can’t complain too much :joy: