Dorico automatically inputs on down-stem voice

Apologies if this has been brought up before - a quick search didn’t reveal anything.

When entering note input mode at a point immediately following a passage with multiple voices, Dorico automatically starts input on the down-stem voice. It’s often not until later that I realise I’ve been inputting music into the wrong voice the whole time, and on the rare occasion I want to input music into the down-stem voice first, I usually check anyway.

Is there a particular reason that this behaviour is default? I would personally find it more intuitive to automatically input on the upper-most voice.

Dorico makes this decision based on some combination of whatever notes/voices came before, or whatever voice you worked with last, or whatever note/voice you have selected when you invoke note input. Otherwise, it defaults to Voice 1 when there’s nothing to inform its decision.

If you find this behavior problematic, you’ll need to get used to checking the little quarter note icon to tell you what voice you’re in. You can also use View Voice Colors while you’re getting used to Dorico’s behavior.

I’ve adjusted to this by learning to check the icon. Usually I get the voice I expect, occasionally I have to change it.

It gets it right almost all the time, but it’s one case in particular: following a barline.
What seems to be happening is the down-stem bar rest is “in front” of the up-stem bar rest.

This happens regardless of which voice I enter first or selected last.

Hmm, you’re right. I just tried that and got the same result! It’s as if the following bar rest gets appropriated to the downstem voice as the preferred one.

When more downstem voices are added, the bar rest is appropriated to the bottom-most voice, as well as all subsequent bar rests.

I agree with you, that doesn’t seem like the desired default behavior.
2018-10-31 16_00_41.png

Dorico doesn’t consider any particular voice to have primacy once there is more than one of them on the staff: they’re all treated equally. When there are two or more voices active and both are showing an implicit bar rest, it’s probably actually strictly speaking indeterminate which rest will be drawn “on top”. It’s unlikely this is going to change in the near future, but fortunately as Dan says there is a completely reliable way to determine what voice you’re in shown on the caret before you input even one note, and changing to another voice is a single key press.