Dorico - avoiding the keyboard and mouse


I’m a Mac user. Are there any plans to integrate iPad or any surface controls into Dorico? I ask this because I have had troubles with tendonitis from mouse and keyboard overuse. I believe there are millions of us in this bin. Also, it is just more natural to write music with either a pen or your finger.

I would happily pay a lot more for this functionality. I want very much to switch from Avid to Steinberg and this is a major issue for me. :slight_smile:


This would follow nicely with your surface controls for Cubase.

I would certainly never say never, but it’s not going to happen in the near future, I’m afraid.

Wouldn’t some kind of MIDI realtime input alleviate this issue somewhat? I would absolutely not have any problem to play to a strict metronome click, if it’s just for note entry…!


You can input with a piano keyboard, right? Even if it’s step-time, that would be much better than QWERTY or the Mouse.