Dorico Beep

Once I got a nice metronome click like wood blocks. I looked and looked and never found that sound again.
Does the Doric Beep have a lot of fans?
How can I find that nice click again? This time I’ll write everything down and never bother you about it again. That’s a promise.

Playback Options, Ctrl-Shift-P.

Thank you! It’s Option-Shift-P here, but you were close enough for me to find it.

Strange… It should be cmd-shift-p on Mac…

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Not sure that a click track beep is something that would have a global fan following. I may be wrong :slight_smile:

Actually it would be great to be able to load your own sample.

Feel free to do so, then. How to use custom click samples in Dorico? - #3 by Ulf


@pianoleo that is just brilliant.