Dorico beginner looking for help with jazz notation

Hello Dspreadbury, I am new to Dorico, but I have used Mosaic, Finale & Sibelius. I am currently evaluating Dorico, & looking for help with some newbie questions. I do jazz transcriptions. I’m having trouble finding the following functionalities: select and deselect multiple notes. transform 8th notes into triplets, 1/2 and double duration command, Copy/Paste groups of notes, transpose by value for starters. (I’ve composed orchestrated for the LSO - sorry for the newbie questions. Embarrassing… Thanks in advance, Michael

I would also like to find a knowledgeable Dorico tutor in the Los Angeles area. I would value your referrals. Thanks -

Welcome to the forum, @Michael_Harriton .

Dorico can do most all of these things. Have you taken a look at the First Steps tutorial? It’s a fairly quick way to learn some of the basic concepts in Dorico, and Dorico is in many ways different in concept to the other programs you mention.

There are also quite a few short (and longer) videos on aspects of the program on the Dorico YouTube channel, and a list of the helps on the Dorico Resources page of the blog.

Presumably, with your connection to the LSO, you are interested in the Pro version.

One caution: if you search for a topic on Google, be careful it does not send you to an earlier version of the help manual. Being on YouTube for a longer time, the out-of-date versions come up far too often as first choices.

Hi. It’s probably better to start this on a new thread, rather than tag onto a different random topic.

As many emigres from other programs will attest: past experience with Finale et al. is no guide to future facility with Dorico. That said, once learnt, few would ever willingly revert.

Everything on your list is entirely possible (though changing durations with tuplets can easily confuse the novice).

You’ll get a lot of help here with specific questions. More so if you are prepared to post snippets of project files.

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Welcome to the forum, Michael. You can request a session with one of our product specialists, who can answer some of your questions in real time:

Our product specialist can also recommend a suitable Steinberg Certified Trainer if you are interested in getting further tuition.