Dorico Black Friday Crossgrade Offer Sure Would Be Nice

Just sayin’.

Full disclosure drives me to admit that I’m probably switching over from Finale sometime… and am test-driving Dorico SE in the meantime. But a reasonable crossgrade deal would tip the scales and push the clock, for sure.


And if you purchase Dorico3.5 Pro or Elements now, Dorico 4 is a free upgrade.
(There is also free 30-day trial version; if you get the trial for Pro, you can hold down another key --like CTRL or SHIFT-- while loading to have the demo open Elements or SE.)

I dropped a sizeable hint at the end of last week’s blog post.


Thank you, Mr. Spreadbury.

Reading your comparison of Finale vs Dorico this morning definitely pushed me toward where I’m apparently headed. A very informative article! I figure I can practice in SE (I’m mostly doing slash charts this month) so I can land on my feet when the time comes. But I was sorry I missed that crossgrade offer from a year ago, which I would pounce on right now-- it would be great to have that sort of opportunity again.


PS That’s a helluva hint! In the meantime, it’s manuals, YouTube videos and rewiring what’s left of my brain to make the switch. Thanks again. :slight_smile: