Dorico blank screen then ICloud project files cannot be opened

Opened Dorico app and it went to a blank screen. Eventually got it to open from a on iPad file. Then found that none of my ICloud files can be opened. Error opening file message. Any idea what is causing this? Have I lost my work? Thanks

If you go to the Files app and look inside iCloud Drive, then the Dorico folder within, try copying one of those files to the Dorico folder inside the On My iPad folder, for example, then try opening that from within Dorico.

No Dorico folder is visible in the app even though the file paths shown in Dorico clearly lead to that. Also, a new test project can be opened but even that isn’t visible in the app.

In the Hub window, you should be able to choose between projects saved On My iPad and iCloud Drive. Can you see any projects listed when you select On My iPad?

Yes, I can see earlier projects in “On My iPad” and can access those fine.

What if you open the Files app, go to the Dorico folder inside iCloud Drive, and make sure that the project you want to open is definitely downloaded to your device, then tap it to open it in Dorico. Does that work?

There is no Dorico folder visible in the iCloud drive in the Files app.

Right. Unfortunately you’re one of the users for whom this is the case, then. We’re still waiting on our friends at Apple for an update about how we can address this. If you have a Mac computer, you might find that the Dorico folder does appear inside the iCloud Drive folder on your Mac.

Thank you for letting me know. It really means that iCloud is unusable for Dorico at the moment. I don’t have a Mac so will have to wait to see if they reappear after you hear from Apple and find a fix. Is it not possible to easily make it work with OneDrive?

Unfortunately, OneDrive itself doesn’t support iPadOS’s “Open in Place” feature.

Do you have any other computer or device that is able to access your iCloud Drive? E.g. a Windows computer?

Hello @StockBrick

I created a folder in the cloud (titled: Dorico start 6/2022 ) and use it to manually backup Dorico files.

This preserves my hard work in case my iPad slips out of my hand when I’m hiking and falls into a rocky mountain stream 100 meters below.

That’s supposed to be a joke, because I’m in a wheelchair and on oxygen. That’s ok—I have plenty of adventures with Dorico.

The date is when I first started backing up this way after we discovered that Dorico wouldn’t backup in the Cloud. It feels safer.

@dspreadbury was (and is) a huge help and a patient teacher.

Yes, I should have backed up. I love Dorico and agree with your comments about @dspreadbury.

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“ Yes, I should have backed up.”
Never too late :crossed_fingers:

Ah, the height of Constantinople in 1022. A renaissance and great time for early Dorico!

Oh, but my humble scribbling would not have been found in the Imperial Library of Constantinople.

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“I created a folder in the cloud (titled: Dorico start 6/2022 ) and use it to manually backup Dorico files.”

Thanks to a keen-eyed reader, @lafin , I corrected the date to modern times. Good catch!

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I don’t have a Mac but have looked at iCloud via a browser on a Windows computer and no Dorico folders/files are visible. Looks like it would be sensible for me to save directly on the iPad until a solution arrives. OneDrive is quite often a share option on the iPad but perhaps that’s not the same as “Open in Place”. Thanks for your help anyway Daniel.