Dorico blocks monitor power save feature

I usually work on a Macbook Pro (intel/ventura) using VEPro and just recently moved to my large Windows 11 PC in order to take advantage of NP4 as it needs East West samples locally. Since moving, if Dorico is open, even minimized, the power save function on my monitor is somehow disabled and the screen never turns off. I exit Dorico and 3 (or so) minutes later the monitor goes into power save mode.

Is there some obscure setting I’m overlooking? This doesn’t happen with my Macbook.


That’s to be expected, so it’s curious that it doesn’t happen on your MacBook!

Dorico’s audio process prevents Sleep.

Minimizing just hides windows, so you can’t find them easily. :grin:

The difference between the Macbook and PC is that the Macbook has a screen saver and disabled power management because it’s always plugged in, whereas the PC has screensaver disabled and monitor power management enabled … live and learn.