Dorico Blog - silly question

How does one sign up for the Dorico blog? I’ve looked everywhere, but can’t find it. I’d like to get some kind of notification for every new release…

I’m not sure about getting notifications directly from the blog. The Dorico Facebook page may help if you haven’t tried already?

Thank you Daniel, but I don’t have any social media… Still stuck in the email era… :grin:

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What is email?

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A service that doesn’t sell all your personal info for profit.


You can always use an rss reader to subscribe to the RSS feed, which will then cause new posts to pop up.

You don’t sign up. It’s not a subscription service. You can use Inoreader to fetch the RSS feed which will do what you want, as @Romanos has mentioned. You can create a free account. Here’s what it looks like:

This will keep you up to date.

RSS feeds are often considered dead over the last few years, but they do still exist, and can be very handy.

Of course there are other RSS feed aggregators, but Inoreader is pretty good. There are also paid plans. [I do not work for Inoreader and I am not associated with them.]

[And it’s not a silly question!]


Thank you everyone, especially for the laughs. So can I conclude that there is no “signing up” to the blog then? I don’t understand what an RSS feed is and can’t be bothered with it right now.

Visit this website:
And put this into the form along with your email:

Then you will get an email when the blog updates.

Thank you lovely Romanos, but I rather not give my email away to yet another site that god knows what they’ll do with it. I was hoping for a Steinberg direct solution.

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I doubt you’ll get far with this “But I don’t WANT to” approach.


I said to my wife that I was afraid of giving out any more of my personal information. I laughed, She laughed, Alexa laughed, Siri Laughed, Cortana laughed.


OK, problem solved! I signed up for Scoring Notes instead, I trust them enough…

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We did used to have a dedicated newsletter for the Dorico blog, but in the great GDPR-ocalypse of a few years ago, I was forced kindly asked to shut it down, and unfortunately it’s not really practical for our digital marketing team to send newsletters out every time we update the blog.

On the subject of giving away your email address to another service, there are good email privacy tools available these days. If you use Gmail, you can add a suffix to your email address when you sign up to a new service, allowing you to easily filter out any emails sent to that particular address. Other email providers (like my provider of choice, Fastmail) offer similar features.

There are also desktop apps you can use to keep an eye on blogs like the Dorico blog and notify you when new content is posted. On my Mac, I use one called FeedNotifier for this purpose.

Finally, a forthcoming update to Dorico itself will show a little badge on the Learn button in the Hub window when new content has appeared on the YouTube channel or on the blog since the last time you visited the Learn page, to give you a hint to click on that button and check out the latest news.


Ah! That’s what I was looking for, it never occurred to me to look there, duh! Perfect, thank you Daniel!