Dorico boxed

It seems that Dorico is only available at the moment by download. Any idea when box sets will be available?

I will find the answer to this and come back to you.

You can buy a boxed version of Dorico from the Steinberg web shop only in countries where we sell boxed products direct to end users, which is not every country: you presumably live in one of the countries that we do not sell boxed products direct to end users. If you would like to buy the boxed version of Dorico, please contact your local reseller. You can use our dealer locator to find your nearest reseller:

Thanks, Daniel.
I’ll go the download route after all. (Can’t wait!)

I would like to run Dorico on my desktop and laptop Macs. Obviously I need the USB dongle, although I would have preferred a “two-installations-allowed” setup like Sibelius. I am in the USA. I can order a box online today, but it says “available shortly.” Here are my questions:

  • Is “available shortly” measured in days, weeks, or months?
  • What comes in the box? Does it include a real, complete, printed user manual? (I doubt that I am that lucky!)

Available shortly should be days, not weeks. Indeed you might be able to go to one of our resellers (e.g. Sweetwater) and they may even have stock today: certainly boxes were shipping out of our warehouse to distributor partners a couple of weeks ago in preparation for today.

The box contains 2 DVD-ROMs, an empty USB-eLicenser, and a multi-language quick start guide sheet. No printed manual, I’m afraid!

Daniel: Thank you for your reply. The download version is $279.99. The boxed version is $299.99. The difference is $20. Allow me to restate what you have posted elsewhere:

  1. There is no difference between the download version and the boxed version other than the USB e-Licenser. The contents of the boxed version’s two DVDs can be downloaded from Steinberg after purchase.

  2. If I purchase the download version for $279.99, then I will be able to order a USB e-licenser for the difference in price between the boxed version and the download version (an additional $20) once the USB e-Licenser becomes available as a separate purchase.

Are statements 1 and 2 correct?

(The reason I ask is because Steinberg wants to add sales tax to the entire price of the $299.99 boxed version. If I buy the USB dongle when it becomes available as a separate item later, then I would pay sales tax on the $20 price.)

Statements 1 and 2 are correct, though the actual price of the USB-eLicenser varies from country to country and may be different than the $20 difference in price we have accounted for, depending on whether you buy from us or from a reseller, and shipping costs, etc. But the general idea is that a USB-eLicenser costs about $20 so if you buy the download version you won’t be hugely out of pocket if you later choose to buy a USB-eLicenser.

I have downloaded this morning. If I buy the USB-eLicenser now, will I be able to use it now, or is that capability in the future? My current Dorico installation is on my Windows desktop, but I’d also like to test the program on my Mac Laptop, and for that I’d need the eLicenser.

A USB e-Licenser is $27.99 on Steinberg’s website, plus $6.99 shipping, plus $2.73 sales tax in California = $37.71 total. That’s nearly double the $20 expected price. See:

Will there be a special offer for new Dorico purchasers?

Or is that what you meant by “… may be different than the $20 …” (In other words, we should not bother to wait, just order it.)

Hi Daniel:

I just spoke to Randy Akins (my sales guy at Sweetwater). They will be taking pre-orders as of tomorrow, but apparently their system shows an ETA for the boxes of November 11 … that’s a pretty long wait. Is there any way you can figure out whether it’s really going to take that long?

Somewhat related, what if I buy a device that doesn’t have a DVD drive (e.g. Microsoft Surface Pro), do I have to buy a separate download version? Obviously that’s not something I would be looking forward to.


Regarding the Dorico boxed crossgrade, and Sweetwater–

I emailed them a few weeks ago, and this was the reply I got:

Hi Bob, you will need to go directly through Steinberg for this. Chris

Have they since changed Peter?

Thanks Bob

When I had my SurfacePro I installed software all the time off of DVDs and CDs by using an external USB3 DVD drive. Not that expensive.

Hi Bob:

Yes – it appears the answer I got is a bit different from the answer you got, a couple of weeks. Randy is happy to sell me a boxed version with the Sibelius cross grade discount, but he alerted that they don’t have them in stock yet and that according to their systems those boxes won’t arrive until mid November (November 11, specifically).

Daniel earlier mentioned that the boxes should be expected to arrive at re-sellers within days, not weeks – so I am trying to square this with what Sweetwater told me.

(And, related, I also have questions about devices that have no DVD device).


It seems as if nobody has Dorico in stock. When will it be available?

No, you can just download it here:

Sorry to add to the noise of the message board, with a relatively trivial request, but…

I ordered a Dorico box from the Steinberg web store yesterday, the cross grade went through quickly, but I’ve still had no notification of when it will be shipping. I’m in the UK - is there a Steinberg employee who is able to give an estimate as to when I can expect to receive the box? I’m hoping that it’s a matter of days rather than weeks! :slight_smile:

I spoke to my sales guys at Sweetwater (Randy Akins), he tells me the sales price for the boxed version is $279.00 – I told him that that has to be a mistake as it is the crossgrade price for a download, not for the boxed version which should be $299.00 (and which includes a hardware dongle in the box, along with 2 DVDs and a quick start menu).

Can somebody at Steinberg clarify this?

Can’t wait to get my hands on Dorico … suspense is killing me!


Just to pick up on this - I got a notification that this was shipped tonight, so it should be with me soon. Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

Update on this - Randy at Sweetwater told me that the $279 price is the authorized resale price – pretty good deal!! :smiley:

Now I’m waiting next to the mailbox …