Dorico bricks when receiving calls

Hi all,

Some inconvenience I recently encountered a few times is that Dorico (or more likely the audio engine) bricks up unrecoverably when you receive a call on your computer. It might only be the case when using Bluetooth headphones.

For example: I’m working in Dorico on my MacBook with AirPods or a JBL Bluetooth headphone.
I receive a call on my phone, and because Handoff is set up, I can answer the call on my computer.
When I return to Dorico after the call, the beachball is spinning and nothing can be done to recover the work since the last auto-save. I have to force-quit Dorico and restart from the last auto-save.

This also happened with video-conferencing, so I’m suspecting it has to do with the system audio switching to the (low-quality) “hands-free” connection to the headphones (instead of the regular “stereo”).

The final lines in the “application.log” file do reference multiple successive switches of the “sample rate” and “device ports”.

Attached is the diagnostics generated after restarting Dorico after such a bricked instance.
Hopefully it’s of some use.

Dorico (1.67 MB)

Hi Thijs,
thanks for the data, the logs show me that the audio engine itself survived the phone call, but not Dorico.
And also, Dorico did not crash, but probably became unresponsive and you had to force quit it, right?

What I also saw, apparently the telecom software is setting the audio device to 8kHz sample rate, something that our audio engine does not support, we can only >= 11kHz (just out of my head, exact number I’d need to look up), but Dorico is somehow choking on this.
The next time it happens, please open Activity Monitor and in the list of processes select Dorico. Then there is a button with a cog wheel icon at the top of that window, click on that and from the pop-up menu choose ‘Sample Process’. Save the output and attach here.
Thank you very much.

Hi Ulf,

And also, Dorico did not crash, but probably became unresponsive and you had to force quit it, right?

Exactly, unresponsive (spinning beachball) and reacts to nothing.
I’ll come back with the requested data when it occurs again.

Thanks for the feedback!