Dorico Bug, audio cuts out

Like the title says, audio randomly cuts out and no matter how many times I restart the piece or pause and play again, it just doesn’t work. It’s as if no MIDI input is being recognised as not even the level monitors show that music is playing. So, then I quit the program, but when I go to relaunch it, it says that I need to activate Dorico and gives me the prompt of “click quit if Steinberg Activation software is running or hit Relaunch if it isn’t”. Is there a fix for this, because this happens very frequently for me.

UPDATE: just after typing this up, its mysteriously working fine again, but regardless, I feel this bug needs to be known anyways.

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here. Perhaps we’ll learn something from the logs.

Dorico sound cuts out, but midi data indicator continues to show communication between keyboard and software. Diagnostic report is attached.
Dorico (3.2 MB)

Hi @ramon.thomas , welcome to the forum.
Could you please elaborate a little bit on this?
Does it happen with every of your projects or only one or certain ones?
Does the sound cut out completely, or do other notes sustain to play and you can only not hear certain notes?
Is it possible for you to post a demo project, where that “bug” occurs? Or does it only happen when you play live on your keyboard?
Sorry for the many questions, but for us it is important to know, in order to find out where in the chain the problem is.
Also please post your system specs.
Thanks a lot