Dorico category topic solution checkbox

Why do some topics show ‘Solution’ checkboxes and others do not? Even though I run some Discourse forums I am puzzled.

Which ones, out of interest? (Not doubting you)


It’s weird isn’t it?

I can’t figure out how to make my forums do that. As far as I know it’s not something you can enable in the creation of a single reply to a topic.

IIRC only the original poster (and certain trust levels) have access to Solutions checkboxes for a thread. If an OP does not check the box on a given post, the solutions option lies unused.

(Is that what you were asking? I know you have far more Discourse Mod experience than I.)

Ah yes -it’s a matter of trust level per user.

I have seen the boxes only on threads I started. Are you above TL3?

Yes. There should be a Discourse merit badge for Stupid. I have earned it. I have been informed by a member that you only see Solution checkboxes on posts you create yourself. Makes sense.