Dorico changes velocity of imported MIDI file (?)

I’ve imported a midi file that I’ve created with Cubase in which all notes has the same velocity (80), but for some reason Dorico plays every note with a different velocity (seemingly random).
Is this something that’s happening on purpose? (Some auto-humanization settings I need to turn off?)
If you can’t reproduce let me know and I’ll send you the file.
Thanks, Shahar.

Yes, Playback Options > Dynamics > Humanize.

I would, however, expect the velocities in the MIDI file to be respected, unless you have the Preserve note velocities option switched off when importing the MIDI file in the first place.

Thanks @dspreadbury ! for some reason that was switched off for me. (Is it the default for some reason?)
Anyway it works fine now when I turn it on.

I have the same problem - almost.
Midi import from Cubase imports the velocities fine, but changing the velocity in Dorico’s play window doesn’t change anything. ( Preserve note velocities at import is switched on)
I see the velocity bars, but they don’t correspond to what I hear.
I tried with Halion, BBC SO core and noteperformer.
Anyone else noticed this ?

Perhaps the instrument that you are using to play back that track uses something other than velocity (e.g. CC1 or CC11) to provide dynamic changes, in which case velocity may provide (say) a subtle change in attack, or may have no effect at all on the produced sound.