Dorico changing sound in write mode


Is there a way to keep the sound of the current (/latest) instrument when working in write mode? Whenever I work on a score with multiple instruments Dorico always changes the “writing” sound to the sound of the highest staff, whatever instrument that is. Like when I write something for the piano I would like to keep that sound (if I don’t change the instrument) but all of a sudden the sound changes to e.g. violin or 1st flute, whatever is the highest in the score.

I hope this makes sense, this is not easy to explain clearly:)

My main sound set is NotePerformer, my Dorico version is 4.3.20.

I find that if I click in a staff and then click a blank area of the page, and notes I play on my MIDI keyboard have the sound of the last clicked instrument.

I do make sure also to press ESC to make sure the caret is not active.

Hi Derrek,

yes that part is clear. But when the staff I last worked on is not active anymore, the sound changes. In Sibelius the last used sound stays active (even when none of the staves is active), that is what I would like to achieve.

I cannot replicate this. My MIDI keyboard plays the instrument selected, and if no instrument is selected it continues to play the last that was selected. The same behaviour occurs using HalionSE or Noteperformer.

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