Dorico claims that a particular file was created in a later version

I’m puzzled by this. I’m running the latest version of Dorico (4.0.31) on two computers and yet when I load a particular file in either computer, I get the following message:
‘This project was created in a later version of Dorico. Some items and notations may not appear. If you resave this project in this version, any item or notation which is not supported by this version will be removed from the project.’
How is this possible?

Possibly the iPad version number is slightly different. Might you have used that?

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I’m afraid not.

Has the file been anywhere near the development team or a user who may be a beta tester?

All logical thoughts but nope. Really a mystery.
I’m afraid I can’t send the file to the team or post it here, and creating an ‘empty’ version of it and saving it would obviously defeat the purpose.

It might be helpful if Dorico could report the version number in the dialog for a file saved by a later version as it does for an earlier version.

Unfortunately it doesn’t really work like that. The version numbers used for the file format aren’t the same as the version numbers used for the application itself - with older versions we know which application version used which file format, but we don’t know that for the versions we haven’t released yet!

Good to know. Thanks for the info!

Why not? We receive sensitive projects routinely and are fastidious about disposing of any user-provided projects once the problem has been diagnosed or resolved. You should send the project to me via email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de, and we’ll be able to solve the mystery.

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Thank you, Daniel. I’ll send it to you and share here what you discover.